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Graphic Arts Processing Chemicals


CPAC Africa is an innovative manufacturer of printing chemicals for litho/thermal digital pre-press, pressroom and post press applications.

CPAC Africa supplies products, expertise and technical support throughout South and Southern Africa via a major Distributor Network on these chemistries.

CPAC Africa supplies chemistry to process all internationally manufactured Analog Positive Printing Plates as well as chemistry optimized to process a variety of Digital Thermal Positive Plates from Key International Manufacturers.

CPAC Africa chemistry features exceptional consistency and unsurpassed quality. Products are backed by CPAC’s experienced technical personnel, service and support on chemistry application in the printing process.  

The CPAC Africa range of chemical Press solutions can help you save time, money and valuable resources in your printing environment.

Chemical Storage:
Chemicals should be stored in a dry environment at below 25˚C/77˚F. All our chemistry has a manufacturing and expiry date stamped on the label, or container. Please report any leaks.

Safety Precautions:
Printing processing solutions and chemicals used should be handled with care and respected, to avoid possible injury and detrimental health problems.

MSDS data is available on request.

Customer Reviews

We would highly recommend CPAC Africa. Their products are of the highest quality and affordable. They are friendly and professional!

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